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Foundation Supportworks of Wisconsin Case Studies: Foundation Repair for Affinity Health Group in Menasha, WI

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009 by Andrew Kratochwil


The Affinity Health Group Clinic is a building with both crawl space and full basement lower levels. The structure consisted of 12” poured foundation walls and a full brick facade.

The clinic had visual signs and symptoms of foundation settlement such as gaping cracks in the foundation walls and footings, separation from the poured walls and the first floor, and several room doors had become inoperable for patient examinations. Settlement ranged from 1 inch to 3 inches. Differential movement within the poured walls threatened to bind or break utility lines and piping that extended through wall penetrations. It was determined that settlement occurred due to the expansive clay soils found in the area.


22 hydraulically-driven push piers were used to stabilize and lift the settled area of the building. Initially only 15 piers were to be installed to raise the crawlspace section of the building.

Of which two piers were installed on interior of the footing requiring excavation by hand and installation with low height restrictions. During excavation it was determined that the full basement had settled as well.

An additional seven piers were installed on the full basement to successfully raise the structure towards its original elevation, making interior doors functional once again. Pier depths ranged from 12 feet to 20 feet and on average, piers were driven to 4500 psi.

Project Summary

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